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Nov 03, 2008 · Sorry! Traditional Visa Debit (as in the product name) cards feature the ability to have a floor limit set by the bank, meaning any transaction under said floor limit will not require authorization and will be paid by the bank. As this could potentially lead to someone going overdrawn, this is typically a credit scored card. VISA Electron Debit Card - BankBazaar Overview of VISA Electron Debit Cards. And you can only spend what you have saved and not a dime more. Visa Electron is a debit card obtainable universally except for Australia, Canada, Ireland and the United States. This card system was established by Visa in the year 1985 and is deemed as a sister-card to the Visa Debit card.

Oct 24, 2008 ... A Visa Electron card holder avoids the debit and credit card fees levied by Ryanair, an attempt to boost the card's popularity. 6 Type of Debit Cards in India - Mani Karthik Visa Electron debit cards are the same as Visa debit cards except that they do not offer the overdraft feature that Visa debit cards do. Most Indian banks such as ... Arab Bank - Egypt: Visa Electron Card

Get Instant cash from your account wherever you are with Arab Bank Visa Electron cards and enjoy the additional benefits of the card including: • High daily cash ...

Is Visa Debit more widely supported than Visa Electron? - Personal ... Visa Electron is a debit card available across most of the world, with the exception of Canada, Australia, Ireland and the United States. Visa Electron - Ingenico ePayments Developers Cards Overview. Payment group: Cards (debit & credit) Payment product id: 122. Visa is one of the world's largest card brands that facilitates online payments in ...

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What Is the Difference Between Visa and Visa Electron A: Quick Answer. While Visa is a type of credit card, Visa Electron is a version of credit or debit card available throughout much of the world. While Visa Electron is only available as a debit card in Great Britain, it is available as a credit card elsewhere. It is not available in Australia, Canada, Ireland or the United States. What is the difference between a visa electron card and a May 20, 2007 · Visa Electron is a wipe card only. The numbers are not embossed on the card and the card has to be present to work. They are very commonly used for fraud. Vida Debit is a proper debit card which you can use for internet and telephone transactions as well as in person. The numbers are embossed on them. Visa Electron Cards are now 'reclassified' as Visa Debit Oct 08, 2010 · Visa Electron Cards are now 'reclassified' as Visa Debit to force charges. Many banks such as Abbey National, Co-operative / Smile are phasing out Visa Electron Cards, new cards are being issued only as Visa Debit cards.Existing Cards are been reclassified by online systems to be now recognised as Visa Debit Cards instead. Visa Electron Card - Banka Credins

The balance of your account is checked every time you use your Nordea Electron card for paying purchases. ... you can withdraw cash at ATMs carrying the Visa logo.

Visa Electron prepaid debit cards are a reliable deposit option for online gambling. Visa Electron is accepted at online casinos, poker sites & sportsbooks. Debit Card VISA Electron - UniCredit Bulbank

Visa Electron card is intended for all who base their business on the foreign currency a vista account in Privredna banka Zagreb, that is, for those who wish to  ... BBC News - Visa Electron cards to be phased out